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Snow Days

Someone commented that as a blogger she was inspired to complete projects in order to have things to post on her blog and was looking forward to seeing my completed projects. She may be disappointed. I actually get very little done and I don’t think that blogging is going to help me much in that department. My blog goal is to write enjoyable and informational blogs; posting completed projects isn’t why I started this,  but maybe blogging will spur me to get more done.  I completed and mailed a couple of Valentine’s fiber postcards this week, but I forgot to even take pictures of them.  I also worked on other Valentine’s projects.  I bought the candy with the words on them. The candy was really poor quality and looked nothing like the pictures on the front of the bags, but after buying two bags, I was able to sift out some fairly decent pieces.  I didn’t send any of these out this year, but I’ll be ready for next year.

Well, we had one of those rare snow days here in Atlanta this weekend; I took pictures of my house and the street winter wonderland scene. 

I have little gazebo bird feeders hanging from shepard’s hooks in front of the front windows but those pesky squirrels are forever getting in them and break the hooks off the feeders. I wanted to make sure the little chickadees could find some food this snowy weekend, so I devised a quick  fix using left over fabric to re-hang the feeders.

saved the bird feeder


What’s that they say about necessity and invention…? My cats and I both like seeing the birds get the goodies from our own perch inside the house and I think the birdies probably appreciate the re-installation of the broken feeders with all the snow on the ground. 

I would love to be able to say I have a wonderfully organized and clean sewing room-but I don’t.  I do have some neat things that I use to store and organize that I will show you from time to time.  Here’s two:  I recently started putting scraps by colors in jars that I keep in the window  and in an effort to do my part for recycling, I cut holes in plastic tubs and throw threads in them for later use in projects.  I keep one of these by every machine.  I throw Angelina scraps in these too.  

scrappy window

thread catcher


Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.  I’m currently working on banners for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter to send to a friend’s kids. I’ll post pictures when and if I finish them. Have a good week!


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Organizing Quilt-Related Activities

I had been working on how to utilize my iPhone apps to organize quilt-related activities including shows, calls for entries due and other quilt-related projects, so I read with interest Robbi Joy Ecklow’s article in the latest Quilting Arts magazine.  Robbi wrote mainly how she keeps track of entries dues for quilt shows and also quilts she’s submitted for the shows so that she won’t overlap a quilt between two shows.  She uses iCal calendar computer software.

 I have a calendar app called Pocket Informant (PI) which I like very much (so much I paid $12.99 for it).  There is a free version of this app available as well; however it is more limited than the paid version.  In appearance it is very similar to iCal

Pocket Informant Monthly Calendar View

and you can back it up to a few sources including Google calendar.  I like being able to see color-coded calendar/tasks and reminders in a monthly calendar form and can also view them as a daily or weekly list.  As well as I like the app, though, I felt that I needed a separate calendar for just quilt-related activities and I while I could do that with PI by filtering calendars, I still felt that PI didn’t quite meet my needs.  I found another app that was exactly what I needed – Awesome Note. 

Awesome Note is a to-do calendar where the information is organized in little color coded file folders; inside the folders you can arrange your information as lists or as little post-it notes.

The whole application can be password protected, or you can password protect specific file folders.  I wanted my quilt-related activities to be stored separately by type of activity and easily identified as quilt related, so I chose purple for the file folder color for all quilt-related activities and gave each folder a different title such as call for entries, projects due, quilt shows, guild activities, ideas, etc.     I prefer the post-it note view, so inside each folder where specific dates are important I have four post-it notes titled by quarters (Jan. to Mar., etc.) on which I write the relevant information.  Just a small bit of writing is visible on the note, so I have to touch it to enlarge it to read everything, but it still offers quite a bit of information at a glance. 

Awesome Note's File Folders

Awesome Note's post-its

Do any of you use anything on your iPhone to help keep track of quilting and other activities?  Let us know.  I also have the two free quilting apps, but never use them.  I use my quilting calculator every now and then and I use EQ5 as well.

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